We will meet virtually via Zoom Video Conferencing for 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, we will: 

  • Spend 5 minutes discussing the challenge you are facing

  • During the next 5 minutes work to reframe your mindset to eliminate any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts you might be exhibiting in the face your challenge 

  • Lastly, ensure that you are armed with a better mindset and are ready to tackle the challenge with the utmost positivity and confidence 

Someone might be in need of a pep talk before, during, or after: 

  1. A big presentation at work or school

  2. A job interview

  3. Taking action on a big decision

  4. Having a bad day and need to reset 

  5. Feeling low energy after an unexpected setback

  6. Get ready to start a new challenging position

  7. Simply want to get things off your chest in a non-judgmental setting

If any of the above describe your situation, or you simply want to chat online then book a session now! Take 15 minutes to assess your mental state, reframe it, and affirm yourself towards a more positive and confident you. 



Step 1 - Select a date and time that works for you and book the session. 

Step 2 - Review your confirmation e-mail and make sure your session was correctly scheduled. 

Step 3 - Complete the questionnaire that you will receive via e-mail at least one hour before your session. 

Step 4 - Follow the instructions that will be e-mailed to you to set up the virtual meeting.

Step 5 - Make sure you have a solid Internet connection for your Pep Talk. 

Step 6 - Let's Pep Talk!  



A pep talk is not meant to replace the help of a licensed professional. If you are experiencing ongoing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness please make an appointment with a professional.


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